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Friday or Saturday nights in the Cairns CBD: Lost Something?

For items lost in the Cairns CBD that may have been handed to the police:
Visit the local police station at 5 Sheridan Street in the Cairns CBD or call (07) 4030 7000

Cairns Street Chaplains occasionally find (or are handed) lost items such as phones, wallets, keys, glasses, credit cards and money.  We keep these items at our Rest and Recovery Van on Shields Street for the duration of our shift. To inquire about items that may have been lost during Friday or Saturday nights only between 10pm and 4am: Visit us at the van or call the team on 0428 513 283 (Fridays, Saturdays 10pm to 4am only) . We can be found opposite the Night Owl Store, near the junction with Shields Street and Grafton Street. Lost and Found items with significant value will be stored at our van until the end of the shift (usually around 4am). After this time any unclaimed items will be handed in at the Police Station. In this case Contact the Police Station directly to claim your lost and found items.

It’s also useful to talk with venue security personnel, Citysafe security personnel and accommodation desk staff in the vicinity of where you lost your item.