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There for you when good nights go bad…




Cups of Water Provided

CSC’s vision is Changing the spirit of Cairns

Cairns Street Chaplains

 We’re part of a team in the city working to keep the night club precinct of Cairns safe.

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Street Chaplains work on the streets providing care and compassion to alcohol and drug intoxicated and other vulnerable people.
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Our Results

On an average night we provide over 300 people with assistance varying from something as simple as a cup of water and a chat, to calling an ambulance for a client and waiting with them until the paramedics arrive.

Our Supporters

Without the support of other people and organisations, Cairns Street Chaplains would not be out on the streets helping those in need. Read about the growing list of those people who support Cairns Street Chaplains.

What People Say

It’s great to get feedback from people on how we have supported them at the right time.
Have a look at some of the comments from people we have helped and some of our supporters!

CSC’s purpose is to be Jesus’ hands and feet on the streets of Cairns.

CSC’s mission is to provide basic first aid and other care for the vulnerable and intoxicated in the Safe Night Precinct of Cairns through Assertive Outreach and Rest and Recovery, working alongside and supporting emergency, security and other service providers.

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