What they say about us

“The Cairns Street Chaplains are an absolutely vital community organisation for the Cairns nightlife and do such an outstanding job caring for those in need” – John Lynch, President Safe Night Cairns CBD Precinct and Liquor Accord

“The contribution [of the Street Chaplains]… has been fundamental in maintaining the safety and well-being of all members within the Cairns Safe Night Precinct and is fully supported by the Queensland Police” – Queensland Police Service

“Having walked the streets with this group, I can personally vouch for the outstanding service the Street Chaplain volunteers provide our city.” – Hon Warren Entsch MP Federal Member for Leichardt

“Cairns Street Chaplains… a professional charitable organisation which is already making an important contribution to safety in the Cairns nightclub precinct.” – The Hon Rob Pyne MP State Member for Cairns

“As the supplier of taxi rank control for Cairns Taxis Limited on Friday and Saturday nights, I can whole heartedly attest to the dedication and invaluable service they provide. Not only do they assist people in getting home and into taxis, they have on a number of occasions assisted with first aid and general care of people from all walks of life.” – Christopher Balsom, Owner Holdings CTC – Taxi Rank Supervisors

“The power of the presence of the Cairns Street Chaplains in the entertainment precinct is vital. Their spirited intervention saves lives, saves futures, saves finances.” – Lance Mergard, Chaplain Watch, Brisbane

“Their ability to network with not only Queensland Ambulance Service, but Police, Street Security, CCTV monitoring, Venue Staff and Security, Taxi Rank Control Officers, QSP Security and the general public has been invaluable.” – Toby Waite, TSW Solutions

Clients assisted by Cairns Street Chaplains:

“I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion shown by your chaplains.”

“You guys are the best and great to talk to and your H20 is really cold so you’re even better. Love you guys forever.”

“You are amazing! Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so much for saving my life!”

“Thank you so much for helping me a few weeks ago. You were so lovely and comforting… You do such amazing work and we really appreciate it.”

“I would honestly like to thank you. I always had a reason to live but you guys made me realise there is a reason to live that I liked/needed. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be here.”

What they Say About Us
What they Say About Us
What they Say About Us
What they Say About Us