Feedback, Compliments or Complaints

For the people that Cairns Street Chaplains serve and support:

You can get more information about our service, give feedback, send us a compliment or make a complaint by contacting us directly:

Mobile: 0408 697 947

The Cairns Street Chaplains Safe Night Precinct Support Service is provided in partnership with The Salvation Army.

If you would like to to lodge any complaint or dissatisfaction about our service, product or people via The Salvation Army please visit the complaints resolution page. You may also lodge an incident or an allegation of an incident, that has resulted in harm or a negative impact.

If your complaint relates to actual or possible abuse of a child/ren, young person or a vulnerable adult who is a client of Cairns Street Chaplains, please contact The Salvation Army’s Quality and Safeguarding team.

If you are still not satisfied with the review of your complaint, you can take the matter to an external authority. We will support your choice to do so and can provide you with information on which external authority you can take the matter to.

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