Join us on the Streets

Volunteering as a Street Chaplain

Street Chaplains work on the streets providing care and compassion to alcohol and drug intoxicated and other vulnerable people.

Street Chaplains have the following characteristics. They are:

  • Prepared to step out of their comfort zone
  • People who have a real compassion and concern for others
  • Good listeners
  • People who are able to empathise with others without judgement
  • People with initiative and quick discernment, and
  • Team players.

Street Chaplains receive training in:

  • Senior First Aid, including CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • Assessing risk and keeping themselves and others safe while on the streets
  • Engaging with people who are alcohol and drug intoxicated or otherwise vulnerable
  • Rest and Recovery van set up, use of radios and incident reporting.
  • Treating all people that they encounter on the streets with dignity and respect
  • Working as part of a team and with other service providers, such as City Council and venues security, taxi rank controllers, paramedics and the police.

This is to ensure that before our chaplains put on the Street Chaplains uniform they are confident and competent to provide the highest quality care.

To find out more read Who We Are and What We Do.


If you are considering joining us call 0408 697 947 or email us at

Cairns Street Chaplains