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What a great night we had on New Year’s Eve! Thirteen Street Chaplains (including three gracious volunteers roped in just to give out cups of water) worked tirelessly from 9pm to 5am. We gave out 1,004 cups of water from the Rest and Recovery van on that one night alone!

Apart from keeping people hydrated, we provided basic first aid, comforted and supported those who were unwell, lonely or just needing someone to chat to, kept an eye out for vulnerable people ensuring that they were safe, walked people to taxis, got them a safe ride home, gave out band aids for blistered feet, gave out bottles of water, vomit bags, chux cloths, picked up glass bottles, gave directions, even gave out a pair of thongs to a young English lass who had lost her footwear!

Thanks to all those who made it such an enjoyable and safe night –Cairns City Council, QPS, QAS, security providers, venues and thousands of people out on enjoying themselves and looking out for their friends!