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Through all the ups and downs of 2021 the Cairns Street Chaplains have continued to serve every Friday and Saturday night in the Cairns Safe Night Precinct. If you’d like to know some overall statistics of our work for 2021 then read on…

  • During 2021 The team served a total of 15474 Safe Night Precinct patrons
  • 577 people received a significant amount of assistance (first aid, safe transport arranged, help with a significant problem etc)
  • 254 people we helped were classified as vulnerable (unconscious, highly intoxicated and/or alone, without money, no phone, and/or no friends to assist them etc)
  • 263 people received assistance with safe transport (taxi, uber, safe ride home with friends or family, escort to accommodation etc)
  • 426 people needed first aid
  • The team attended 87 violence related incidents
  • We conservatively estimate 74 Ambulance call-outs were saved

Safe Night Precinct patrons also said lovely unprompted thank you’s to our team 1125 times (which we really appreciate!)

2022 is now well underway and we look forward to serving all our Cairns Safe Night Precinct patrons throughout the rest of the year.