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Christian Faith Services

Cairns Street Chaplains There 4 U Directory

Christian Faith Services

Cairns Street Chaplains There 4 U Directory

Do you need prayer? Have you got questions about faith ? Do you just want to find a local church to attend? Start here.

Vision Christian Prayer
The Vision Christian Prayer team talks and prays with about 2000 callers every month and hundreds more people who text, email, write and call.

Why God?
Explore questions of faith. Facebook based messaging service. Press the ‘Message’ button to start a conversation.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions, and share their point of view in an open, friendly environment.

Find a Church in Cairns
A list of Churches in the Cairns Community

Who are we?

We are a group of specifically trained Christian volunteers from across all Church denominations who want to make a practical difference in the city of Cairns, by caring for alcohol and drug intoxicated or other vulnerable people and by helping keep the night club precinct safe.

Our Vision

To change the spirit of Cairns

Our Purpose

To be Jesus’ hands and feet on the streets

Our Mission

To provide basic first aid and other care for the vulnerable and intoxicated in the Cairns Safe Night Precinct, working alongside and supporting emergency, security and other service providers