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Cairns Community Help Directory

There 4 U - Cairns Street Chaplains

Cairns Community Help Directory

There 4 U – Cairns Street Chaplains

There for you when good times go bad…


Do you need free food or are you experiencing food insecurity in Cairns?

There are a number of community organisations in Cairns who may be able to help you with free or low cost food, meals, parcels and vouchers.

Shelter and Housing

Are you homeless, sleeping rough or at risk of becoming homeless in Cairns?

View the list of organisations in the Cairns Community who may be able to help you find a place to stay.

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

If you are experiencing mental health issues there are a number of organisations who can help you

The list includes organisations who operate 24 hours per day.

Domestic Violence

If you are affected by domestic violence, help is available.

View our list of local, statewide and national organisations.

Sexual Assault

If you have been a victim of sexual assault help is available.

Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs

If you need help in regards to alcohol tobacco and other drugs in Cairns there is an extensive network of organisations in the community who can help you.

Help for Seniors

Do you or a senior that you know need help during the Covid-19 crisis?

Find out about help you may be able to receive from local organisations, shops and supermarkets.

Government Support

During the Covid-19 crisis, both the Queensland and Australian Governments have put extra supports and information in place to assist the community.

Other Community Directories

Looking for more suggestions for help? Other directories are available.

Want to Talk to Someone?

If you would like to speak to someone then you can call the Street Chaplains. We’re here to listen, help where we can and refer you to local services.

Christian Faith Services

Do you need prayer? Have you got questions about faith ? Do you just want to find a local church to connect with? Start here.

Other Street Chaplaincy Services

There are other Street Chaplaincy style services around Queensland and Australia.

Who are we?

We are a group of specifically trained Christian volunteers from across all Church denominations who want to make a practical difference in the city of Cairns, by caring for alcohol and drug intoxicated or other vulnerable people and by helping keep the night club precinct safe.

Our Vision

To change the spirit of Cairns

Our Purpose

To be Jesus’ hands and feet on the streets

Our Mission

To provide basic first aid and other care for the vulnerable and intoxicated in the Cairns Safe Night Precinct, working alongside and supporting emergency, security and other service providers